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We made triplicate cultures and used inverted optical microscopy to search daily for flagellate forms.
Cutaneous toxicity classically known to present with bleomycin are flagellate erythema and pigmentation.
(7) Flagellate erythema, characterized by the presence of linear streaks of erythema or brown pigmentation, often presents in a similar distribution to CARP.
GOVERNOR of the Central Bank Crystal Georghadji showed the self-serving smugness of all the overpaid inadequates that make up our parasitic nomenclature when she went to the House ethics committee last week and said "we must not flagellate ourselves".
Ten sterilized caped glass culture tubes each containing 3 ml of medium were inoculated with 0.1 ml culture containing 3 x 105 flagellates and incubated at 20 C.
We report a case of bleomycin induced flagellate pigmentation and sclerodermoid change co-existent in a patient of Hodgkin's lymphoma.
These men and women starve, flagellate, isolate, and emasculate themselves in order to transcend the fleshly condition.
After the warmup of reminding us that Pope John Paul II used to flagellate himself with a leather whip, Thavis gets down to the business of examining the lesser known functionaries who make the Vatican tick.
Specifically, lower termites harbor flagellate protozoa in the digestive tract that digest wood cellulose and hemicelluloses, while higher termites do not.
To expect her to own up to it in an interview, however, to think that she might flagellate herself or in some way apologize or refuse these perksthat strikes me as an unrealistic expectation.