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5) ([double dagger]) * Evidence of infection with [greater than or equal to]1 of the following: Giardia intestinalis flagellates (n = 75, 34.
Key words: rapid culture monophasic medium strain F Cc-1 L4NHS blood flagellates fish
A cellulase from the symbiotic intestinal flagellates of termites and of the roach Cryptocercus punctulatus.
A complete comparison of the two studies is not possible because Tribbey grouped taxa in the cyanobacteria, diatoms, flagellates, and hypotrichs to facilitate his primary objective of studying succession in these pools.
In the parasitological analysis of the collected tabanids we found that three of them have flagellates in their midgut.
Similarly, mussels assimilated flagellates with significantly higher efficiency than diatoms (P < 0.
Trolling through the detritus of the poet's wrecked life, Davies-as-Dylan flagellates himself for his self-destructive bouts of boozing and wenching, while bellowing for the fame and fortune that he craves.
To determine the presence of flagellates, 43 of the bugs were dissected, but none were found.
intestinalis is rarely seen in urine sediment and is generally not clinically significant because, of the six genera of flagellates that parasitize the human intestinal or urogenital tracts, only Giardia lamblia, Dientamoeba fragilis and Trichomonas vaginalis are considered pathogens.