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Enlightenment conceptions of flagellation, he argues, took the theatricality of medieval flagellation and imbued it with new erotic meanings.
These traditions show us that the intensities of arousal (both affective and imaginative) are fragmentary, disintegrative, repetitive, rhythmic, and virtual; the praxis of flagellation retains a subversive force in that it rejects nature in favor of "the imagination as the space of an installation of inner possibilities of experience" (447).
He says: "Seeing Christian believers in Pampanga in the Philippines atone for their sins by undergoing crucifixion and flagellation was something I will never forget.
Was public flagellation a tradition passed down from the Middle Ages?
He also told Zaidi he accepted he had supervised the boys while they were performing the matam, the act of flagellation, and had intervened to regulate the length of time they beat themselves.
I just love flagellation, especially self-flagellation and corporal mortification - so much more cultured than bog-standard, secular violence.
FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT: "Christ after the Flagellation," by Diego Velazquez, c.
According to the spokesman for the British Board of Film Classification, the filmmakers ``have toned down the visual impact of the violence,'' including the flagellation of Jesus.
The flagellation scenes are almost unwatchable; strips of flesh are torn from Jesus in sickening close-up as his body is reduced to a ravaged, bloody mess.
But he has been so keen to dwell on the flagellation, brutal kicks, whipping and humiliation on the road to the cross that I fear most secular audiences will be left emotionally numb.
Ames-Lewis includes Piero della Francesca's Flagellation, Donatello's Feast of Herod relief in Lille, and Botticelli's Calumny of Apelles in this category.
Zaidi performed the matam, the act of flagellation, before allegedly encouraging the boys to do the same at a community centre in Levenshulme, Manchester, on January 19.