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These devices and the mandatory pat-downs that are the only alternative are quite possibly the worst invasion of privacy and the most flagitious disregard of the Fourth Amendment ever embarked upon by the federal government, yet President Obama, onetime professed champion of civil liberties, has imposed them on us without so much as a by-your-leave.
Without trivializing the flagitious fatalities involving our virulent vehicles, there is a clutter of other corresponding consequences connecting humanity's obsession with the enamored automotive.
It was animosity rather than avarice that induced the megalomaniacal misanthrope to commit such flagitious deeds against his naive neighbors.
By this we designate such as prosper by flagitious practices which have not yet come under the effective ban of public opinion.
Nations which once shrank from condemning the most flagitious [sic] violation of human rights in Germany, are now exhorted to interfere in other countries' government--and always in the name of peace and concord.
Having to sit through the hearing was as traumatic as it gets, If my memory serves me correctly he was babysitting the three Ralph children, Samantha, Dawn and four year-old Paul, this flagitious monster butchered all three children, impailing their bodies on railings out-site their Worcester house.