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It would seem that they now have it all in terms of responsibility for their billing actions, to conform to rigid, irrational, flagitious, arbitrarily conceived guidelines of the government.
We term a flagitious act a crime rather on account of its consequences, than from regard to any such intrinsic characteristics." [23] In the ballads, descriptions of crime imply criminal monstrosity while descriptions of crime's consequences for the criminal pose alternate definitions.
of profound Tranquillity, and when the Consequence, at the worst, can probably be no greater than the Change of a Ministry, I do not think a Writer, whose only Livelihood is his Pen, to deserve a very flagitious Character, if, when one Set of Men deny him Encouragement, he seeks it from another, at their Expence; nor will I rashly condemn such a Writer as the vilest of Men, (provided he keeps within the Rules of Decency) if he endeavours to make the best of his own Cause, and uses a little Art in blackening his Adversary.
Words such as " 'Union,' 'Constitution,' 'Harmony,' or 'American institutions,' "he argued, had come to mean "nothing more nor less than American slavery." The key concepts of patriotism--"obedience to the law," "prosperity to the country"--had come to signify, "in the mouths of these disti nguished statesmen, a mean and servile acquiescence in the most flagitious and profligate legislation in favor of slavery" (252-53).
The eighteenth-century historian and philosopher David Hume, for instance, in his History of Great Britain, argued that there was nothing "criminal" or "flagitious" in James's passionate attachments to his favorites.
This is a daring, turbulent, active, able, and flagitious Character.
Christensen might think his attempt at wit and wisdom will save the day: but such flagitious rhetoric should hang its head in shame.
He singles out literature with homosexual themes: "Vices so flagitious, so opposed to even the decencies of nature in its crudest and lowest forms, that the poignancy of moral disgust is lost in horror" (F, 485).
FLAGITIOUS A French wind instrument B Variety of kidney bean C Grossly wicked who am I?
Such a flagitious attempt could only be made tinder some general pretense by a state legislature.
Having conceded just three penalties in the first half, they shipped nine in the second and for some reason Mr Gamage found the home front row particularly flagitious.