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In the meantime, I need to get my hazmat suit back from the dry cleaners before I hit the flagrance aisle.
The renowned flagrance collection, which launched in 1989, features 40 distinct fragrances named after iconic New York locales.
new flagrance and ancillary products under the Gap brand for both men and women are scheduled to launch later this year.
This very harsh process allows for the removal of not only the flavor and flagrance, but a substantial amount of the cellulose--woody fiber--of the bean is also "hydrolyzed.
As expected, second half comparisons were considerably better than the first half due to new product launches for Brooks Brothers, Banana Republic, the debut of bebe flagrance in both domestic and international markets and the introduction of a NewYork & Company scent.
Visitors will embark on an inspirational journey through a festival of truly sensorial textures designed as creative new fabrics and colors directly inspired by fashion and flagrance trends, creating a genuine global "trend book" of the industry made up of creams, gels, elixirs and powders, according to show organizers.
Avon Products has signed actress Zoe Saldana to be the exclusive spokeswoman for the brand's new flagrance, Eternal Magic.
The company's origins and strengths lie in a profound understanding of the supply and quality of the diverse raw materials consumed by the flavor and flagrance industries.
Innospec Active Chemicals is a manufacturer and supplier of specialty surfactants, emollients, flagrance ingredients, polymers and specialty additives to the personal care market.
JEEN[R] International is a leading supplier and manufacturer of specialty chemicals, serving the cosmetic, personal care, flagrance and pharmaceutical industries.