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In the meantime, I need to get my hazmat suit back from the dry cleaners before I hit the flagrance aisle.
II est donc necessaire de les aborder afin de delimiter et conjurer les possibles erreurs qui pourraient se produire en relation aux cas d'espece de flagrance delictuelle.
Some of this is laid forth with the ennobling solemnity of myth, some with the outrageous flagrance of camp, yet Farah's purpose is on the whole quite serious: like the young Kalaman, like Sholoongo, he means-casually, wantonly-to shock, to provoke, to break taboos (a subject on which the book conducts a running, complicated debate).
My own conviction is that the emperor was exhibiting himself with unusual flagrance, and that exactly this, his full frontal nudity, was what the audience was getting off on.
Reportlinker Adds The Top 10 World`s Leading Flavor And Flagrance Companies
9 even introduced an exciting flagrance named for the High Line, so it was very important for us to secure the right 'home' for the collection.
In the face of the global economic downturn, and in the absence of a major women's flagrance launch in 2009, our financial performance for the year was better than we anticipated.
If L'Oreal approves it, the flagrance is put into an alcohol or perfume base, or into skincare forms like lotions.
The binaries of paradise and the binaries of the fallen world, the sentimental binaries of passion and reason, and the Miltonic binaries of fire and ice are all comprehensively deconstructed in the dewy flagrance of Kashmir against the backdrops of the burning plains south of Bimbhar and the snowy girdle of the Indian Caucasus.
Although the company's products are in the value-price range, they incorporate such upscale touches as expensive European flagrance oils.