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BEIRUT: The Foreign Ministry Monday slammed a nuclear test by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea over the weekend as a flagrant violation of international law.
We also call on democratic world to increase joint tangible pressure on Russian occupant-state as far as the ongoing events in the occupied Crimea are not only a flagrant violation of the international law but also a blatant disrespect to all universal human values.
The defendant displayed a flagrant disregard for his elderly victim and has shown no remorse throughout the case.
La police judiciaire de la surete de wilaya de Tissemsilt a procede, mercredi dernier, a l'arrestation du directeur general de l'Office de promotion et de gestion immobiliere (OPGI) de la wilaya en flagrant delit de corruption, a-t-on appris, jeudi dernier, du bureau de la communication et des relations publiques de la surete.
In a statement it issued Tuesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Sudan condemns such a criminal conduct which posed a flagrant violation of Vienna Convention on international relations for the year 1961, demands immediate evacuation of the occupiers out of the embassy and guaranteeing safety of the employees in the embassy.
The source added that "This criminal act is a flagrant attack on international norms, legislation and laws.
TUNIS (TAP) - Algeria "vigorously" condemned the abduction of staff members of the Tunisian Consulate in Tripoli, Libya, saying this act is a flagrant and inacceptable violation of international laws and standards.
The unauthorized visit which happened without the Syrian government's consent is a flagrant aggression against a sovereign country which is a UN member state and is a grave violation of international laws and accords.
It accused the groups of repeated "unlawful attacks", adding: "They displayed a flagrant disregard for the consequences in Israel and the Gaza Strip.
This constitutes a flagrant violation of Syrian sovereignty.
The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the remarks as "irresponsible and a flagrant intervention" in Egypt's internal affairs.
UNRWA strongly deplored "the group or the responsible groups for placing these arms in one of its institutions," regarding such a matter as "a flagrant violation of the sanctity of its buildings under international law.