flagrante delicto

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Flagrante Delicto

[Latin, In the act of perpetrating the crime.]

See: blameworthy, delinquency, misconduct

flagrante delicto

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However, as in the case of the Cabinet members being caught in flagrante delicto for fraud and bribery on Dec.
The contractor guarantees the terrain along with buildings by as concretized in the tender specifications, and object-specific trained security staff instructed in particular to the following Ensuring general order and security at the object of the client, detecting offenses and offenses as well as assistance in educating through careful and precise behavior, especially when offenses in flagrante delicto, timely detection of fires, accidents and incidents as well as enhancing conditions through painstaking checks premises in terms of fire safety regulations, take the necessary measures through information and proposals to remedy identified deficiencies to the property managers, take the necessary measures in fires, accidents and accidents to prevent damage to people and material values ?
She and her new lover are unseen, but unseen in flagrante delicto, and unheard except for the lover angrily hectoring the coachman to press on.
Except in cases of flagrante delicto, it is not permissible to enter the committee headquarters, subsidiaries or offices or inspect any of them, except in the presence of an advocate general and based on an order by the competent judge," according to the official Qatar News Agency (QNA).
When he caught one in flagrante delicto, he would grab the miscreant by both ankles and haul him out of the bed.
He notices her stealing watches from married men at the hotel bar, so he's less than surprised when she lures him upstairs and attempts to pull a classic confidence game, in which an accomplice claiming to be her husband bursts in to find them in flagrante delicto.
As Khamis catches his wife in flagrante delicto and as he resolves to kill her, his thoughts and actions seem somehow unreal.
So it is that Melaza's coppers stake out Monica and Aldo's place this evening, catch Yamile and her habitual John in flagrante delicto, and heap a hefty fine on the homeowners.
Meanwhile, it would be useful to remember that it was Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan who feigned ignorance when his Army Chief was caught In Flagrante Delicto on the Kargil heights even as this worthy Prime Minister hosted Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Lahore in 1999.
Siegel happened to be in flagrante delicto with Charlie's mother's when she died.
The same article adds: "in the event of flagrante delicto, the member may be arrested and the President of the House of People's Representatives shall immediately be notified on the provision that the member be released as soon as the Bureau of the House so requests.
En plena madrugada de la fecha transcrita irrumpe en el palacete y encuentra in flagrante delicto a su mujer con un tal Fabrizio Caraffa, duque de una localidad cercana.