flagrante delicto

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Flagrante Delicto

[Latin, In the act of perpetrating the crime.]

See: blameworthy, delinquency, misconduct

flagrante delicto

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Barka, July 28 (ONA) The Law enforcement officers at the Consumer Protection Department in Barka, in collaboration with the Royal Oman Police (ROP) and the Public Prosecution, managed to detain, in flagrante delicto, a number of expat labourers loading large quantities of rotten potatoes (over 27,000 kg) at Barka dump site to distribute to shops, restaurants and cafes as useable despite their certainty that the potatoes are rotten and not good for human consumption.
During the search and investigation operation, the police officers suspected a group of people; placed them under surveillance; and finally managed to arrest them in flagrante delicto.
With delectable perversity, Vinnie had his wife, Rosie (Cindy Bell), lure Simms into a compromising position, take photos of the two "in flagrante delicto," and use them to keep Simms quiet.
And certainly wouldn't have enjoyed diverting accounts of that Los Angles night when actor Hugh Grant (who wants news leaked in press releases) was arrested in flagrante delicto with a hooker on a highway.
During the inspection, the accused persons were seized in flagrante delicto while changing the dates of foodstuff, including different kinds of sweets in huge quantities reaching 1.
Being caught in flagrante delicto exposed 11 percent of those cheating, while 5 percent had their affair reported by a friend and 3 percent by a family member.
Colleagues of one employee of a southern course are apparently flummoxed she still has a job after she was caught in flagrante delicto with a corporate guest.
Not so much aurora borealis as in flagrante delicto.
The party's headquarters, documents, correspondence and means of communication shall be guaranteed and it is not permitted to monitor or raid or seize them except by a judicial decision in accordance with the provisions of law, except in cases of flagrante delicto.
Security apparatuses' behavior was similar to that of an armed militia for they revolted against the constitutional power,' he exclaimed whereby he reiterated that military law describes yesterday's incident as a crime in flagrante delicto.
Yet the most haunting of these might be a brief shot, from the POV of beleaguered wife Wendy Torrance (Shelley Duvall), of two ghosts in flagrante delicto, one dressed in a bear costume, on "his" knees and apparently servicing a tuxedoed man seated on the edge of a bed.
Summary: Rabat - Morocco's security services arrested, on Thursday in Amezmiz (outskirts of Marrakech), a foreign missionary carrying out Christian proselytizing activities in flagrante delicto, Interior Ministry said.