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A flag would be brought into the middle of the salon, and everyone had to put their hands out and hold the flagstick together; kids would volunteer for this.
The Flagstick Sweater from Under Armour is made of 50 percent rayon and 50 percent wool to keep you warm and dry while allowing ventilation.
From a deep hollow at the back of the green, Johnson's bid at a pitch and run looked set far too strong, but the ball hit the flagstick.
At the second hole of the play-off Garcia hit the flagstick from the tee, but bounced away.
VALENCIA - Andy Bean and Mark McCumber took turns trying to hit the flagstick at the top of the "Lost Temple" ride at Magic Mountain.
Player A is so close to the high slope that he's unable to see the flagstick in the center of the green.
A grandstand finish - a towering, 107-yard wedge shot that plummeted to just eight inches from the par-four 18th flagstick - completed a five- under 68, comprising seven gains and two dropped shots.
The next thing I knew they were all going close to the flagstick,' he said.
But if it had hit the flagstick an inch higher it might have gone either in the bunker or the water.
Heading into Amen Corner, he homed in on the flagstick.
As a golf instructor at Bergen Community College (NJ), I emphasize the short game right from the start; I have the beginners work on their accuracy with shots from 40 yards or closer to the flagstick.
We waited for them to chip up, and then, since I was the closest to the pin, I walked up to pull the flagstick out.