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Mounted or tow-behind (PTO or hydraulically powered) flail mowers are available for everything from two-wheel tractors to some of the largest farm tractors out there.
Under the Video column, click on M160 Flail CB Operators Video (ARMY).
Demining vehicles that use flails to churn the earth and destroy anti-personnel mines date back to World War II.
She said Craven had no intention of using the flail but carried it for protection.
When they searched his flat in Main Street, Barry, they found the knife and flail in an airing cupboard along with a BB hand gun and a wooden pole.
QUESTIONS have been asked about why the Second World War solution of armoured vehicles with flails are not used by our brave soldiers to clear Afghanistan roadways of bombs.
However, the description of the BCS brush mower in the article--"many individual blades spinning vertically from a horizontal axis"--actually applies to our flail mower.
It's Like That exemplifies that life is flail of tangled situations and that a person must be flexible and responsive to embark upon the road to happiness and understanding.
Her fuzzy figurations and obscured landscapes survey the places in between emotional and spiritual rapture in these ill-defined communities: arms flail, faces yearn, hopeful, reaching, and vaguely ritualistic.
Ditch, steep incline, over guard rail and waters-edge cutting become problems of the past once the Trackless Boom Flail enters the scene.
Your upgrade requests will get higher priority, and you will be able to go first class for free or for a fraction of the flail fare.