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Performance of a portable chain flail delimber/ debarker processing northern hardwoods.
Braham, he added, had caused "unpleasant" injuries with the rice flail that left Tammy Miller needing hospital treatment.
He threw the flails at them, Flintshire Magistrates' Court was told yesterday.
He lost his temper, chased them, returned the threats and abuse he received, and threw the rice flails at them.
Customizable Picote Cutting System packages allow users to select the combination of Smart Cutter, Twister, Cyclone or Original Chain Flails, and Miller products they need for their typical jobs without requiring them to purchase the complete product line.
Standard HammerHead Picote packages include Smart Cutter Starter Kits, Twisters, Cyclone chain flails, adaptors, bearing, steering axle, front drill heads, side grinding panels, hub disks and a set of hand tools precisely designed for reinstatement jobs.
Demining vehicles that use flails to churn the earth and destroy anti-personnel mines date back to World War II.
The flail head comes off in 30 seconds without tools.
QUESTIONS have been asked about why the Second World War solution of armoured vehicles with flails are not used by our brave soldiers to clear Afghanistan roadways of bombs.
A book entitled The Vickers Tanks (ISBN 1-85260-141-8) describes how the flail unit was developed, by the Newcastle company of Vickers, to fit to many types of armoured vehicles, the Vickers Centurion tank being used for trials and demonstrations.