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The Citroen C1 Flair sports 15-inch 'Planet' alloy wheels and additional features including a speed limiter, rev counter, reversing camera, electrically heated and adjustable door mirrors, a leather steering wheel and dark tinted rear windows.
Aesthetically, the Flair football boots offer a two-toned design with a swerve divider and the classic Sondico logo for a modern look.
He said: "It is all about how much flair and style you have, that is why I love it.
Besides custom rotogravure printed film, bags and pouches, Flair offers a full line of vacuum pouches, thermoforming film, shrink bags, deli packaging and coffee bags and pouches.
Our Holidays with a Latin Flair program is unlike any other marketing effort we've done before and further highlights the versatility of mangos," says Wendy McManus, marketing director for the Orlando, Fla.
1 "The flair players like Diouf make a big difference when they use their skills in the right areas.
AUSTRALIA captain Stirling Mortlock believes the traditional flair in the French backline is alive and well in the current Les Bleus team.
Flair Boosts its Innovative Payment Card Scheme in the Middle East with Altitude Software
It's got an internationalist flair that's cool, and some great artwork, all wrapped in an appealing package.
FABULOUS FOLDS: Create fabulous place settings with smartly folded napkins from David Stark's newest book, ``Napkins With a Twist: Fabulous Folds With Flair for Every Occasion'' (Artisan; $19.
Using fluid camerawork, unobtrusive technical design, and multimedia elements, Saura again renders cinema as a choreographic venue, capturing the stylized vocabulary of flamenco with particular flair.