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And every flake seemed larger, and appeared like a magnificent flower, or beautiful star; it was splendid to look at!
One winter's day, when the flakes of snow were flying about, he spread the skirts of his blue coat, and caught the snow as it fell.
Now Sunbeam, Breeze, Leaf, and Flake, fly back to the Seasons whence you came, and tell them that, thanks to their kind gifts, Ripple's work at last is done.
The darkness grew apace; a cold wind began to blow in freshening gusts from the east, and the showering white flakes in the air increased in number.
he said, shaking the white flakes from his clothes;
They make bunches of flowers, from flakes and wires of silver, that counterfeit the delicate creations the frost weaves upon a windowpane; and we were shown a miniature silver temple whose fluted columns, whose Corinthian capitals and rich entablatures, whose spire, statues, bells, and ornate lavishness of sculpture were wrought in polished silver, and with such matchless art that every detail was a fascinating study and the finished edifice a wonder of beauty.
As the flakes that fall thick upon a winter's day, when Jove is minded to snow and to display these his arrows to mankind--he lulls the wind to rest, and snows hour after hour till he has buried the tops of the high mountains, the headlands that jut into the sea, the grassy plains, and the tilled fields of men; the snow lies deep upon the forelands, and havens of the grey sea, but the waves as they come rolling in stay it that it can come no further, though all else is wrapped as with a mantle, so heavy are the heavens with snow--even thus thickly did the stones fall on one side and on the other, some thrown at the Trojans, and some by the Trojans at the Achaeans; and the whole wall was in an uproar.
To make sure its new chocolate flavor met expectations, Kellogg said it invited fans to weigh in at nearly every step of the development process to create the new flavored cereal by testing how different cocoas interacted with the cereal flake and milk in the bowl.
Washington: Arizona senator Jeff Flake on Tuesday launched an extraordinary attack against Donald Trump and the "complicity" of the Republican party while announcing his decision to leave the Senate.
Jeff Flake said that he will not run for re-election in 2018 and would retire when his term ends in January, citing the Republican Party's changing tide toward U.
Conscience of a Conservative: A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principle, by Jeff Flake, New York: Random House, 2017, 160 pages, hardcover.
Flake told Latino Leaders that he hopes the business regulations will change from what they have been because he believes it would help.