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From Flam, we cruised through the fjords, passing through small villages.
Flam looks to be right out of a picture book or painting --quiet, idyllic and unspoiled.
Jack Flam (New York, 1988); Flam has also edited Matisse on Art (New York, 1973).
At Flam, from the confines of a train, we were ferried to a 360 degree view of the fjords criss-crossing our way through quaint little sleepy villages with churches as old as 1667 and waterfalls that appeared at almost each turn.
Picture perfect: The stunning town of Flam Water view: MS Boudicca moored in Flam Scenic ride: Flam railway station Valley: Unesco World Heritage Site, Nr[degrees]yfjord
Fib, too, and many others--so many that even Flam forgets some and mixes up the names, saying Napoo when he means Nikolo, or Nikolo when he means Fidfaddu.
However, to stay on the Nutshell circuit, travelers debark the main route about five hours out of Oslo at Myrdal, and take the renowned Flam Railway downhill.
Flam, a science writer who pens a sex column for The Philadelphia Inquirer, seeks a scientific answer to this often-asked question.
In her latest book, science writer Faye Flam explores genetics, culture and history to explain how this drive for pleasure plays itself out in human relationships and in the real world.
After this he turns to the European Convention on Human Rights which lies behind all this flim flam and deals with various 'rights' in turn.