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The initiative saw the Middle East debut of Swagelining Ltd's flangeless WeldLinkA Connector, which was utilised when lining the 1.
4A; withstands 10:1 VSWR; EAR99 flangeless package.
Pipeline rehabilitation and life extending specialist Swagelining has completed the first ever flangeless polymer lining project to be carried out in the Middle East.
At the midpoint of the foyer staircase is an art niche containing a statue of Rama which is highlighted by four flangeless trim MR16 recessed adjustable accent lights (RSA Quiet Ceiling series) fitted with both color filters and hex cell louver accessories for maximum impact and minimum brightness.
Used with the included Super Flangeless fittings, the 1/16" OD version withstands up to 5000 psi and the 1/8" OD version up to 1000 psi.
A two-page technical bulletin from Mooney Controls describes the 2-inch single port Type "A" flangeless Flowgrid[TM] valve.
The device is housed in a flangeless ceramic package that is designed primarily for microstrip installation.
continuous output torque, is available in two hub configurations, a front flange arrangement, as well as a flangeless center flange.
StratEdge offers both flange and flangeless styles to accommodate manufacturing processes to either bolt down or solder the package.
Flangeless ceramic package reduces size of device itself and related power amplifier modules