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Then the First of the Tigers answered, 'I am content'; but when next he drank he saw the black stripes upon his flank and his side, and he remembered the name that the Hairless One had given him, and he was angry.
It was a pointed stick, such as they put in the foot of a pit-trap," said Hathi, "and throwing it, he struck the First of the Tigers deep in the flank.
For this recipe, flank steak became flat iron, because the flank steak was sold out.
The sources further said that the army units have decreased their distance to Albu Kamal to almost 25 km from T2 Oil Pumping Station flank, adding that a new flank will be opened soon from Deir Ezzur city to put ISIL in Albu Kamal under more pressure.
Tenders are invited for Construction of wall between el 780 to el 800 feet near the steps on right flank downstream of nsrs srisailam project
HP contracted Fluor for project and construction management services for the South Flank iron ore project located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.
The method needs FE analysis of tooth with wheel and tooth flank deformation approximation for teeth pair.
10] Our cases report a previously unreported complication of supracostal access for PCNL, flank bulge, which may be related to damage to the intercostal nerve.
The Bauer oil field has had its tenth well drilled confirming the eastern flank of the field, with Bauer-10 intersecting an 11 metre oil column as prognosed.
Concerning cutting tools used in manufacturing process, the tool life is directly controlled by the constitutive material Practically the lifespan is evaluated by the measure of the flank wear.
Aiden Dresser, making his debut on the right flank looked composed and knocked some lovely crosses into the box.
SISTERS - Ping-pong balls made a strategic appearance at the Rooster Rock Fire this week when a helicopter dropped the fuel-filled balls on a large island of unburned timber on the fire's west flank.