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The drive is flanked by an orchard with a small paddock and wild area, and a large paddock is on the opposite side of the drive.
Photo Location: Lebanon, TN Date: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 Event: Sara Evans holding Hartmann's Luxe Collection, flanked by Hartmann President Dave Herman and Ken Hinman, also of Hartmann, after a ribbon cutting ceremony at the company's headquarters in Lebanon, TN.
As for me, I'm currently flanked by two McMansions; thus I'm a ghastly shade of pale as my yard is basically cut off from the sun.
But she cautions that the team cannot tell how often the phenomenon occurs in normal neurons, because they studied a foreign marker gene flanked by splicing sequences used by white blood cells.
Flanked by the courtyard, the main living space is a long bar with a covered porch at its far end overlooking the swimming pool.
During today's event, Poizner was flanked by prominent Democrats and Independents who announced a new group -- "Democrats for Steve Poizner" -- to join forces in support of the unique candidate.
That 525-yard, par-5 plays into the wind and is flanked by three lakes.
Its square, the Plaza de Espana, was flanked to the south by a field which fell away by about 2m.
Succeed on the tee, and the subsequent approach must be hit to a green flanked right and rear by trees and left by OB.