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Marker-assisted introgression, QTL, Flanking markers selection, MBLUP selection
There are obvious tensions in the relationship between horizontal and flanking policies, such as environmental, consumer, public health and cultural policies, and the EC rules on free movement and competition.
Wide enough in the fairway, this dogleg-left hole still requires accuracy, or those flanking trees will take away the angles needed to reach the green in regulation.
Flanking the entrance hall are the museum shop made of raw concrete and cloakrooms enclosed in a delicately crystalline glass box.
The presence of strong chargeability anomalies flanking the 2003 drill holes is a very good indicator that greater concentrations of sulfides may be responsible for these values.
Here, the flanking bays project forward suggesting the twin towers of Gothic cathedrals and Portugal's Baroque churches.
Flanking greenside bunkers allow barely 24 feet for roll-up shots.
0 opt) gold bearing fault breccia-gouge structural zones with flanking (lower grade values up to 0.