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The Second Rhodesian Regiment had immediately taken possession of the abandoned trench and from this position their flanking fire had raked contiguous sections of the German line, the diversion rendering possible a successful night attack on the part of the balance of the British forces.
The moat, widened and deepened, completely encircled three sides of the castle, running between the inner and outer walls, which were set at intervals with small projecting towers so pierced that a flanking fire from long bows, cross bows and javelins might be directed against a scaling party.
There wasn't a more brilliant feat of arms in the whole campaign than his flanking movement at Mukden.
When the animal turned to meet such flanking assaults, the man leaped in and the club came down.
From the top of it one has a view not only of the whole straggling, grimy town, but of the winding valley beneath, with its scattered mines and factories blackening the snow on each side of it, and of the wooded and white-capped ranges flanking it.
Trees are few and far between and seldom come into play at Victoria Lakes, with most of them flanking the par-5 second hole that forms the current northern, rural boundary of a course bordered south by housing.