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Then the First of the Tigers answered, 'I am content'; but when next he drank he saw the black stripes upon his flank and his side, and he remembered the name that the Hairless One had given him, and he was angry.
It was a pointed stick, such as they put in the foot of a pit-trap," said Hathi, "and throwing it, he struck the First of the Tigers deep in the flank.
A military source reported that the army unis were advancing towards East from two main flanks after taking control over the Southwestern territories of Raqqa province.
Because all theoretical contact points are situated only on the plane (line) of action, it is necessary to find the intersecting lines between the tooth flanks and the plane of action.
Jake Petitjean was running the midfield, winning tackles and spraying balls out to the flanks.
Firefighters mopped up an area 300 feet into the interior of the fire along its northwest, northeast and eastern flanks.
Whenever I have seen Newcastle, Jonas Gutierrez has made a big impression with Damien Duff on the flanks so it is a bit of shame that Hibbert is unavailable as he would have been perfect to combat that threat.
The mathematical model of the ellipsoid worm gears consists in a set of equations of the flanks surfaces.
Most importantly, the El Oso Zone drilling, and in particular the final two holes of the 2008 drill program, CG-70B and 71B, show that Cobre Grande appears to host a porphyry molybdenum deposit with copper skarns on both the eastern and western flanks.
The lack of width has cost Ian Dowie's team of late, with Jobi McAnuff's pace sorely missed on the flanks after he began the season on fire.
One of the fishermen sharpened his knife on a rock from the beach and started to carve into the manta ray like a Thanksgiving turkey, cutting off two flanks from each side of its body.
But that second-shot will be over right-side water that flanks the final 100 yards of the fairway on this dogleg-right hole.