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Volunteers, ranging in age 40 to 80, were current or former smokers, and met one of the following other criteria: they used oxygen supplementation either currently or in the past, they were prescribed systemic corticosteroids and or antibiotics in the past year, or had been at the ER or hospitalized with a flare-up in the past year.
If you are getting breathless or having flare-ups using a combination of inhalers, your GP may prescribe theophylline tablets, which cause the muscles of your airways to relax and open up.
A Sue, Edinburgh STRESS, the weather and being generally run down can all trigger an eczema flare-up.
Memon gave no specific reason for the renewed violence in Karachi but analysts believe conflicting interests of political forces and poor governance trigger routine flare-ups.
The ARAS nurse-led service is responsible for the assessment and treatment of patients both in hospital and at home and the machines are used to deliver medication to patients with severe breathing problems and who have regular flare-ups of their respiratory condition.
PREVENT and extinguish flare-ups by putting the lid down.
The syndrome is called periodic fever associated with aphthous stomatitis, pharyngitis and cervical adenitis -- or PFAPA -- and is characterized by monthly flare-ups of fever, accompanied by sore throat, swollen glands and mouth lesions.
I want no flare-ups and I want to play a full schedule.
The effort from the air has also been scaled down, with just three planes and one helicopter operating to put out recurring flare-ups.
Troubled with flare-ups from her polio she finds that the available treatment for her disease will separate her from her family--who seem to need her more than ever.
GAZA CITY: Israeli forces attacked a group of Palestinian fighters along the Gaza-Israel border early yesterday, killing two of them and wounding three others in one of the worst flare-ups of violence since Israel ended its offensive in the territory more than two months ago.