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Keep an eye on 'trigger' foods Our usual diets go out of the window over the festive period but you can still try to steer clear of munching on any "trigger" foods that tend to cause flare-ups.
For patients with skin problems like eczema, winter causes worsening of the condition and predisposes them to constant flare-ups.
But, as she's continued practicing, the nerves and stress over the situation have given her painful flare-ups of her disorder, and she's been suffering in silence ever since.
Smoking is currently the main cause of COPD as it alters immunity and can increase a patient's susceptibility to infection which can worsen symptoms and cause flare-ups.
Treatment was initiated within seven days of the onset of a flare-up, with evaluations made at baseline, at the end of treatment (six weeks), and after a six-week observation period (12 weeks).
Often people with eczema will have breakouts or flare-ups on eyelids, eyebrows, behind the ears or even on cheeks, notes Amy Gordinier-Regan, chief executive officer of Skinfix.
The Director-General said that anticipating further flare-ups, WHO has kept "hundreds of our own experienced staff in the three countries, ready to contribute to the kind of emergency response needed to quickly interrupt transmission chains.
We can anticipate future flare-ups of Ebola in the coming year," he added, noting that Liberia's experience in combating two flare-ups shows the resilience and capacity of affected countries to reactivate emergency response mechanisms and contain the virus.
The tests reinforce concerns about flare-ups of the virus that has killed more than 11,300 people since 2013 in the world's deadliest outbreak of Ebola.
More flare-ups are expected and that strong surveillance and response systems will be critical in the months to come.
But the organization says the job is not over and that more flare-ups are expected.