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Government has been called upon to expedite action to stamp out gas flaring in the Niger Delta Region as this will mitigate its health-related effects on the host communities, and create jobs for the youths which will eradicate hostilities in the region caused mainly by lack of employment opportunities.
CHEMICALS firm SABIC has repeated an apology after confirming flaring from its Wilton plants has ended.
In the first large-scale application of its type, GE Oil & Gas advanced compressor technology will be used to minimise liquefied natural gas (LNG) boil-off gas flaring at LNG berths at the Ras Laffan port, by making productive use of the gas that boils off during loading of the LNG carriers.
According to satellite estimates, since the year 2000, while the oil and gas production in Qatar increased almost four fold, gas flaring has been halved.
Khojasteh-Mehr acknowledged that Iran was flaring 260 million cubic meters of gas ever week in 2013, or about 10 percent of its production.
Work is ongoing, but the flaring may continue into Thursday evening."
In addition, the report noted that the country lost $615.69 million, about N190.86 billion to gas flaring between January and September 2017, as the oil and gas companies flare 205.23 billion SCF of gas in the nine-month period.
The oil and gas industry has a responsibility to cut routine gas flaring to zero, said Anita Marangoly George, World Bank Senior Director for Energy and Extractive Industries.
Attempts to resolve technical issues which caused the flaring have been unsuccessful, and SABIC says it has to shut down the plant in order to complete further repairs.
Comrade Mulade also advised oil companies to develop new oil fields and operate according to plans that incorporate sustainable utilization of the fields associated with gas without routine flaring.
The MarkWest Javelina plant will invest over $650,000 for facility operations improvements that will reduce flaring events and improve communications with the local community.
Last February Iran announced that it had halted flaring gas at the Soroush and Nowruz oilfields in the Persian Gulf, where gas had been flared for about 40 years.