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Most communities are suffering terrible hardship as a result of gas flaring and oil spill.
PDO in its 2016 annual report stated that flaring reduction remains a cornerstone of its gas conservation strategy.
Gas flaring is not only a climate change hazard, it is also a waste of an important resource that could be better used to improve economic and social activities.
Gas flaring is a source of local pollution, global warming and a waste of a valuable fuel source.
You may not notice smoke if the flaring is going on during the night.
Flaring is the burning of gases that come out of the ground along with crude oil.
The EBRD workshop discussed findings ofits study on "Gas Flaring Reduction in Egypt".
The oil and gas industry has a responsibility to cut routine gas flaring to zero, said Anita Marangoly George, World Bank Senior Director for Energy and Extractive Industries.
Gas flaring is a visual reminder that we are wastefully sending CO2 into the atmosphere," said World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.
The following have endorsed the "Zero Routine Flaring by 2030" initiative (in order of date of endorsement received):
Flaring by some 14 comparable Qatari companies in the energy and industry sector indicates a reduction by 9.
Release date- 23052013 - The EBRD is at the forefront of efforts to reduce gas flaring.