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Global financial services company Orangefield Columbus adopted the Fusion ioControl hybrid flash array to boost performance and capacity while reducing storage management headaches.
IDC said that, with flash arrays, the storage market
vSTOR's innovative implementation makes multiple high-performance PCI-Express connections available to servers, each of which provides significantly higher host connection bandwidth than flash arrays using Fibre Channel or Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) host interfaces.
Tegile Intelligent Flash Arrays enable the transformation of an institution's IT infrastructure, delivering lightning-fast performance and high levels of availability at a cost that's one-third of traditional storage arrays.
By utilizing NextIO's vConnect[TM] I/O virtualization switching technology, vSTOR can dynamically reallocate flash storage between servers, eliminating the over-provisioning of Tier 0 storage that occurs with dedicated flash cards or existing flash arrays.
The Sun(TM) Storage F5100 Flash Array enabled the Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 server to produce a world record result on the Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Payroll 9.
The secondary Flash array can also be used to store custom start-up code which can be used in lieu of the internal DSP boot ROM allowing total flexibility.
The Hitachi flash portfolio now includes a new and expanded lineup of all-flash and hybrid flash arrays, performance optimization software and data analytics capabilities, including: the new all-flash Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) F series, enhanced models of the Hitachi VSP G series, next-generation Hitachi flash modules with inline data compression (FMD DC2) and enhanced Hitachi Automation Director and Hitachi Data Center Analytics tools for improved response times and greater effective capacity.
has debuted the Flash Storage Platform (FSP), including the new 7300 and 7700 all flash arrays, Concerto OS 7, and Symphony 3 simple management control.
Violin's All Flash Arrays and Appliances, and enterprise data management software solutions enhance agility and mobility while revolutionizing data center economics.
About Tegile Systems Tegile Systems is pioneering a new generation of intelligent flash arrays that balance performance, capacity, features and price for virtual desktop and database applications.