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Deploying the powerful combination of Dell EMC's VMAX3 All Flash Array storage solutions together with Non-Disruptive Migration technology has resulted in accelerated performance benefits, seamless data mobility between storage systems, enhanced replication control and simplified administration of the increasing data and applications.
Dual flash array in-system programming and EEPROM emulation frees up more RAM for the application and eliminates the need for external EEPROM.
“From raw performance to VDI and virtual machine testing, the Fusion ioControl hybrid flash array delivered higher performance and scalability than the hybrid SSD array, showcasing that ioControl provides an excellent choice for companies evaluating hybrid flash solutions for their datacenter.”
ViSX outperformed the all flash array from the large public storage vendor by over 100%, with a configuration that was less than 20% of the cost.
The newly released Converged Flash Array of Huawei are specifically designed for mission-critical applications, ensuring high service availability and performance and allowing customers to further unleash the potential of flash.
Requiring just 2U or 4U of rack space, the E5700 Series hybrid flash array combines extreme IOPS and sub-100 microsecond response times to increase application responsiveness and to accelerate analytics.
IDC added that, though the flash array market was once
"The battle between all flash and hybrid flash array
Dell EMC is delivering improved storage economics across its entire VMAX All Flash array portfolio with its latest HYPERMAX operating system update, which now includes inline compression to increase storage efficiency.
HCC's new deterministic SafeFTL has been fully verified both in simulated environments and on real NAND flash arrays.
This move towards flash is a sentiment shared by McMullan, who noted that data telemetry from Pure Storage flash arrays points towards HPC workloads becoming increasingly random in terms of the I/O.
The vast majority (80%) said they are using hybrid flash arrays either as an extension to storage?level cache, to accelerate metadata, or to accelerate data sets associated with key or problem I/O applications.