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Deploying the powerful combination of Dell EMC's VMAX3 All Flash Array storage solutions together with Non-Disruptive Migration technology has resulted in accelerated performance benefits, seamless data mobility between storage systems, enhanced replication control and simplified administration of the increasing data and applications.
By using an MCU with dual flash array, the process is much safer because the programming algorithm in either of the flash arrays will not be lost during power off.
The Fusion ioControl hybrid flash array combines Fusion ioMemory enterprise flash with disk capacity to deliver leading performance that can be provisioned to meet a variety of different application requirements.
Non-Disruptive Migration: In just three simple steps, the new HYPERMAX can deliver greatly simplified non-disruptive data migration from previous generation VMAX arrays to VMAX3 and VMAX All Flash arrays.
IDC's study on the flash array market also found that the worldwide
flash array architectures, and those applications that require lots of capacity
As all flash arrays mature into full feature platforms, early adopter applications (such as server virtualization and on-line transaction processing) will be surpassed by industrial internet-of-things applications.