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Another benefit of flash fusing is the ability to feed unique stocks that use adhesives or are pressure sensitive such as cards, labels, self-sealing materials, foil coatings and even RFID inlays.
Xerox's new flash fusing method depends on newly developed color toners, which melt and fuse the image entirely through the energy from the Xenon lamps, producing up to 650 images per minute in monochrome and 493 images per minute in full color.
Flash fusing uses Xenon lamps similar to those used in super bright headlights on luxury cars.
Flash fusing only heats the toner; there is no direct heat or pressure roller contact with the paper, maintaining moisture in the paper and minimizing or eliminating stock shrinkage, paper curl and static electricity.
Furthermore, the reliability of flash fusing technology allows document designers to use a wide range of substrates to create innovative applications that require adhesives, such as plastic identification cards and peel-off labels on statements, price tags and stickers, and RFID transponder inlays.