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But for now, the gold price has "gone nowhere" over the last five years and there are plenty of other flashier commodities attracting generalist interest.
Neil Trotter, from Coulsdon, south London, plans to upgrade his oilstained Ford Focus with some flashier cars, including a McLaren.
So how do you ensure you meet the basic functional needs of builders' hardware shoppers without missing the exciting opportunities the flashier side of the category can present?
Ronan is spellbinding, conveying most of her emotions through her eyes, while Arterton takes the flashier, brassier role as vengeful protector.
Little bottles of colorful nail paint have been a staple of women's cosmetic repertoire for decades, but now, demand is growing for flashier nail coverings that in many cases veer into the category of art.
Sometimes I think about what it would be like to have a flashier job, a better-paying job, a job that would allow me to use my creative talents for "greater" things, a job where I felt a little more respected and a lot less frustrated.
The release will come as the company struggles in North America to hold onto customers who are abandoning BlackBerrys for flashier iPhones and Android phones.
In a world where TV dance competitions have revived our love of ballroom, it was a real pleasure to be introduced to this flashier, rowdier and altogether more show-stopping form of dance.
But despite analysts warning the firm needs a radical shake-up if it wants to lure back customers who have moved on to flashier touch-screen phones such as Apple's iPhone and models that run Google's Android software, Heins used his first remarks as CEO to say there won't be huge change.
THE wreaths are flashier than her trademark earrings but EastEnders legend Pat Evans still manages to go out in style.
A Christmas release would have better suited Mark Waters's whimsical confection, when the lashings of sticky sweet sentiment are easier to swallow - Jim Carrey and Co will struggle to take flight in a summer overloaded with flashier blockbusters.
LIke the birds at the film's emotional core, Jim Carrey and co will struggle to take flight in a summer overloaded with flashier blockbusters.