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It was right that Birtles name-checked Kuyt who is often the second willing fiddle to more flashier members of the Reds' orchestra.
Higher pay cheques often mean flashier cars too, which might encourage drivers to put their foot down.
To enhance their presence in the marketplace, Weider intends to marry their content with the flashier, more contemporary design of Armchair General.
And they want each sequel to be more exciting and flashier than the last.
Desperado wasn't so much a sequel as a flashier, slicker remake.
It sticks out like a sore thumb in the car park because most of the lads have much flashier motors.
He has impressed, not only with a batting technique that is built on a solid basis - unlike the flashier but less effective of other batsmen who have been preferred to him all season - but also with a tactical approach that shows Warwickshire have a mature cricketer in the making if they give him the run that his form warrants.
Maybe her secret lies in her lifelong devotion to dance, which has outlived some other, flashier occupations, such as rock star and presidential candidate.
The practice of keeping more and more exotic pets - the equivalent of buying flashier and still flashier cars - is widespread in the States.
All in all, it's a decent enough everyman smartphone that's full of features and, unlike some of its flashier rivals, you should be able to pick one up on an affordably low contract.
She has better form than quite a few horses from flashier stables that are shorter prices this morning and there really is no reason why she can't go very close to winning.