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The failure of Boeing's newest, flashiest and most important plane embarrassed the company and its customers.
Designed around the traditions of street football around the globe, the game takes you on a world tour showcasing the flashiest and funkiest footwork.
And in and around town, it cruised effortlessly through the busy traffic, It's fair to say the V70 is not cheap and it's not exactly the flashiest motor you'll lay your eyes on.
I didn't think it was the flashiest game but it was not as pedestrian as I thought it would be.
And no one will acknowledge the Emirate's progression quicker than Kipp, having seen this sleepy old fishing village morph into one of the flashiest, albeit indebted, cities on the earth.
Many may not know what a credit union is, and with downsizing and budget cuts, most CUs can't afford the flashiest, most expensive advertising spot.
Organisers of the MPH Prestige And Performance Motor Show, featuring Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, compiled the Football's Dream Car XI team, who own some of the flashiest cars available.
The flashiest will be a $52,000 investment to upgrade the North Little Rock venue's trash receptacles.
You could have the flashiest, most innovative product or service on the market, but if you can't communicate its value to your prospect, they're not going to buy it.
It may have seemed a win-win deal to sign up for space in the city's flashiest new skyscraper, assuming that rising property values would mean an instant profit, and that the banks would continue to throw cheap money at borrow-w ers, but the traditional caveat - the value of your investment can go up as well as down - remains true.
The bomb at Times Square, one of the flashiest and best-known places on Earth, was found at the height of dinner hour before theatergoers headed to Saturday night shows.
They were among the flashiest good guys to grace the big screen.