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Like a well-planned exhibition of fireworks, Sweetbitter reserves its flashiest pyrotechnics for the end, with the result that the reader has no choice but to applaud as the sparks slowly fall and fade.
Doesn't it just make you want to go there with the biggest flashiest camera you can find and snap away even at other diners' dinners?
You could try the flashiest segment of the political job market: press and communications.
will not always produce the flashiest ad, or the one that will win awards.
Municipal chauvinists could persuasively suggest that the flashiest but also most stylish (now there's a combination for you
The Menger (210-223-4561) is thought to be the flashiest hotel in town.
But being academics the boast was not who had the flashiest, but whose was the oldest.
All of a sudden the Discovery became the flashiest thing on the road and the most spacious seven-seater of all.
Jerry was rated by the international kickboxing media as the flashiest fighter and fastest kicker in the sport, (his 'hook-kick' was clocked at 118 MPH).
He added: "I am not the flashiest of players in terms of making breaks and scoring tries.
Beckham might not be the world's greatest technical soccer player, but he's certainly the flashiest.
And then we opened the paper this morning to see what might be Abu Dhabi's flashiest record to date: The World's Most Expensive Christmas tree, complete with diamonds, pearls, emeralds and other precious stones.