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"I've got some very decent fillies this season, with the likes of Flashy Wings.
Another study found that flashy spots attractive to the opposite sex shrink over generations in guppies living with aggressive predators.
With venture capital quickly drying up, it's becoming clear that substance and a solid business plan--more than style and flashy graphics--are the key ingredients for success.
The ads, featuring a flashy clip of Del Conte dancing in a purple dress, aired on several programs run by the cable company, including CNN, the Weather Channel, the Food Channel, and New York 1, a twenty-four-hour program of New York City news.
It is the emotional echo of experiences linked to a domestic habitat made up of generically "modern" and somewhat shoddy furniture, flashy and gaudy wallpaper, violently colored upholstery--in a word, an environment both meager and vital, charged with energy.
You said that Williams & Tsien are 'very strange' because they have gained reputation not from 'the obscurity of their theories and unapproachability of their language, nor from flashy gestures and showbiz antics'.
USA BREEDERS' CUP Classic hope Flashy Bull has been retired after sustaining an injury.
The connections of leading Boylesports Irish 1,000 Guineas contenders Confidential Lady and Flashy Wings will wait until nearer the time before confirming their participation in the Curragh Classic.
And the award for the daftest film title of the year goes to this flashy thriller where style stomps all over substance.
In the early 1960s she had made a flashy entrance as Gordon Hall, a wealthy antiques dealer originally from England.
In comparable setups with less-threatening predators, however, flashy, golden spots became prominent in guppy populations.
"While I'm at home in London, I get around the city in a somewhat flashy (but not OTT, I hasten to add) Vauxhall Tigra.