flat broke

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So when we see the raft was gone and we flat broke, there warn't anything for it but to try the Royal Nonesuch another shake.
We were flat broke, we owed money all over the world, debts that were created, buying the help we needed to beat the Nazi and Japanese who were trying to conquer the world.
President Trump pulled no punches in tweeting about the Standard's demise: "The pathetic and dishonest Weekly Standard, run by failed prognosticator Bill Kristol (who, like many others, never had a clue), is flat broke and out of business.
The federation's president Nick Mwendwa recently announced that the body is flat broke.
In 1993, two years after the big win, Leo was flat broke, according to mutual friends.
Olofofos said it took the efforts of some well-meaning Nigerians before money could be raised for her airlift and the said medical attention as Olofofos said due to her inability to act in movies again, she is currently flat broke.
Synopsis: Stanley Marczek is penniless, flat broke, sleeping in a cardboard box in a tent city on the South Side of Chicago.
And considering that most older Americans are not financially prepared for retirement--with boomers' median savings just $17,000 for those aged 56--61, and 41% having absolutely zero saved--they really can't afford to be so unhappy that they just chuck the job, unless they're prepared to go flat broke in retirement.
Louisa (Keeley Hawes) is flat broke, so demands that her kids forage for things to sell - with little success.
"I was 28, injured and flat broke in spite of being the recipient of awards and top industry accolades," Goldman-Bhyat says.
AS the Second World War ended, Britain was flat broke and the euphoria of victory dampened by loved ones lost.
Feeding into TV's current parallel obsessions with the super-rich and the flat broke, here we meet car buyers who desperately need wheels to get from A to B, but also investors who buy Ferraris they have no intention of ever driving which are bought purely to store away and appreciate in value.