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I've hit puberty, but I still have a very flat chest.
I hated what I looked like - I had a flat chest and skinny legs - and I always worried about upsetting people by saying 'no'.
Samia, 30 - Maria Connor in the soap - had the procedure to take her from an A to C cup a fortnight ago because she felt "depressed" about her flat chest after having daughter Freya, now three.
However, Josie Cunningham, a girl desperate to be a glamour model, was given a PS4,800 boob job on the NHS because she convinced (idiot) doctors that her flat chest was "ruining her life".
It's helped me become confident with my body and to love all my flaws, like my squint teeth, flat chest and wobbly bits
Having no breasts and trying to find the right things to wear was hard before the show, but with stylist Suzanne's help, I now wear ruffles which takes away the emphasis of my flat chest.
Butler, 42, told an employment tribunal that she had been depressed about her flat chest, and thus boosted her bust to a 38D.
Synopsis: A young woman obsessed with her flat chest considers an augmentation to win her handsome neighbor's affection.
Accentuate a flat chest with a more ornate bikini top and plain bottoms.
Maybe the West should take a leaf out our African cousins' book and start viewing women's beauty as more than a flat chest, sticking out ribs and hips like a ten-year-old school boy.
She warns anyone with a big bust against wearing frills down their front and there are a lot of chiffon halter necks that can be worn only with coat-hanger shoulders and a flat chest.
Use pussy-bow detailing to hide a flat chest and show off shapely shoulders in an asymmetric dress.