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Instead of a 14-inch vertical incision on the chest bone, the doctors made a seven-inch horizontal incision below the flat chest bone.
He maintains that the benefits of implant surgery can still outweigh the risks, especially for young women who have self-esteem problems caused by a flat chest.
She justified her act by saying that since teenage, she has been bullied due to her flat chest.
She told Allure Magazine: "I didn't like my teeth or my flat chest.
FIRST Josie Cunningham gets the NHS to pay for breast implants because she said she'd been bullied over her flat chest.
The health care worker said she'd always been conscious of her flat chest - even though her husband David is more than happy with her.
Petite frames will look great in this high-neck collar detail dress - it disguises a flat chest, too.
Laura, a 24-year-old qualified nursery nurse from Bootle, says she has always been conscious of her flat chest.
In my eyes there is nothing wrong with being a bit podgy, having a big nose or a flat chest.
JANINE Fryer was too embarrassed to slip into a bikini because of her flat chest - until she took the plunge and had a boob job.
The Flapper (1920s): Although flappers, with their short, sleek hair, a shapeless shift dress, flat chest and cigarette holder, did not appear until 1926, they epitomise the 1920s.