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Furthermore, integration with Stylus Studio XML Deployment Adapters enables seamless access to any data source including EDI and flat files.
0 provides the productivity, flexibility and power of XQuery for applications that need to process relational, XML and various flat file and EDI formats.
Options for Handling Empty Flat File Values - Provides ability for developers to choose whether empty fields in flat files are rendered as empty elements or not rendered at all in the data results of the mapping target.
By offering a new metadata export path directly to the DDF metadata common to both CoSORT's SortCL data manipulation program and RowGen file synthesizer, MIMB users running major ETL, EII, BI and ERP tools -- as well as those with flat files defined in XML, Excel or COBOL Copybooks -- can automatically convert their pre-existing data descriptions for immediate use in SortCL (CoSORT) or RowGen applications.