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And as he charged round the flat saying she was dead, he was knocking things over including her walking frame, leaving her unable to move around because she could not retrieve it.
Her other flat mate, a 24-year-old Russian businesswoman, said that the accused packed her bags around 2pm and left the flat saying she was travelling to Qatar via the Abu Dhabi International Airport.
There were lots of police around and I could hear the person in the top flat saying something.
Peter said: "I got a phone call that night from my daughter Lee-Anna in the flat saying there was a fire.
Jailing him, Judge John Roberts said: "She allowed you to stay in her flat saying you could sleep on a rug on the floor in an act of friendship.
Allison Pollard, 44, is demanding to be moved from her ground-floor council flat saying arthritis had left her unable to negotiate the steps outside.
Her mother said in a statement read to the inquest how, on Good Friday, Maya had left the flat saying she was going to buy some milk.
The drama begins when Dev - played by Jimmi Harkishin - gets a call at his flat saying the alarm at one of his shops is going off.
Finally, Taylor left the blood-splattered flat saying he was late for work, and made his way back to Devonport naval base in Plymouth, the jury heard.
The woman fled into a communal corridor but Robertson dragged her back into the flat saying 'you made me do this'.
He ran off into my flat saying he would kill me if I followed.
But the best bit was when Jane and I ran back to her flat saying we were 'getting a trowel' and sat around for an hour eating biscuits and trying to figure out what to wear for a party that night.