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Flatfish discard reduction from the scallop dredge fishery was examined on fishing grounds in the Mid-Atlantic Region (73.
Flatfish Ltd Founder and Managing Director Steve Stansfield said: "I am thrilled that Flatfish are featured in the London Stock Exchange 1,000 companies to inspire Britain.
Tongue sole and stone flounder are good models for studying the L-R asymmetry, since one is sinistral flatfish and the other is dextral flatfish.
A flatfish observed in a trawl mouth would be either a fish that had been lying in the path of the trawl and is encountering the gear for the first time or a fish that had been herded previously by the sweeps.
Helling K, Scherer H, Hausmann S, Clarke AH (2005) Otolith mass asymmetries in the utricle and saccule of flatfish.
The story relates to a flatfish observed through the viewport of the Trieste by Jacques Piccard at nearly 11,000 m deep.
Larval flatfish are not one-sided like the adult but have eyes on both sides of their body.
Meanwhile, in pre-packed fish, volume sales of mackerel were up 152% week-on-week, with organic salmon up 55% and flatfish up 23%.
Huw Thomas, Head of Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing at Cumbrian Seafoods, said "Our goal is to lead the market in terms of responsible and ethical sourcing of seafood and we have worked very closely with our suppliers, Flatfish, to launch these products.
These flatfish are physically quite bizarre in the way their eyes have adapted to their pancake-like form.
I can understand why the present one-sided eye position is advantageous for flatfish.
Fossils show middle stage of the evolution of flatfish eyes to one side of their head