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He flatly refused to give it to us, and said we had no right to unlock his drawers.
The Church was dumb, then, and before I go on I want you either flatly to agree with me or flatly to disagree with me.
I am sure we are very glad--and we wish you all possible happiness," said Anne, very flatly and inadequately, as she felt.
To him, as he flatly declared, Fleet Street, in the midst of the hurry of London life, was the most interesting place in the world.
When the excellent Hannah More entreated him to touch lightly on the less agreeable traits of his subject he replied flatly that he would not cut off Johnson's claws, nor make a tiger a cat to please anybody.
Yes; it was not a very polite epistle from the manager of a theatre, in which both pieces were flatly refused.
They informed me that Miss Rachel flatly refused to have her wardrobe examined.
Never was the old conventional maxim, that Nature cannot err, more flatly contradicted--never was the fair promise of a lovely figure more strangely and startlingly belied by the face and head that crowned it.
They flatly rejected claims that sudden wealth made them miserable.
Morgan Lewis gave Purolite flatly wrong legal advice, which was contradictory to the firm's own internal research, and caused Purolite's business enormous damage and its principals to suffer through extraordinarily difficult personal ordeals.
I think 'Sky Captain' (which was made via a similar process) was very flatly lit.
Frederick Hammersley's Option open, 2000-2002, is a small oil-on-linen painting of flatly brushstroked, vibrant, curvilinear sea anemone- and coral-like shapes that suggest hues and forms undulating into and out of one another.