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Then they rang a bell, and another steam-machine came in, and again he was taken on and on through a land that wearied his eyes by its flatness without a single bit of a hill to be seen anywhere.
And although we have our little tiffs now, arising out of a certain unavoidable flatness that attends our love-making, owing to its end being all settled beforehand, still I have no doubt of our getting on capitally then, when it's done and can't be helped.
I laughed, and replied that I saw no suitable profession in the whole prospect; which was perhaps to be attributed to its flatness.
After this I call to mind flatness and dampness; and then all is madness -- the madness of a memory which busies itself among forbidden things.
he said, with a sort of grim flatness of intonation.
AS1746 Offers Extremely Low on-Resistance Combined with Excellent Flatness and Matching Making It Ideal for Audio Signal Switching
The picture that emerges from the Berkeley Art Museum's fascinating retrospective of Ant Farm, the experimental architecture collective founded by Chip Lord and Doug Michels in 1968, is one of relentless flatness.
In Tricon's case, improved flatness afforded by microcellular foaming was critical in converting the air-blower base to Trexel's process.
This single stage amplifier provides excellent gain flatness across the entire 1 GHz frequency range, supporting CATV signal transmission at higher frequencies for increased bandwidth requirements.
The recent production line of one of China's largest steel manufacturers is fitted out with an optical flatness measurement system developed by Nextsense.
Wood grain as a counterpoint to the painterly gesture (as in Mud, 2002) harks back to Munch; and the tension between declarative flatness and quasi-illusionistic space is a staple of abstraction.
Among several other products in development is a large PP table, where gas assist could help ensure flatness.