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I put the volume into my pocket and we dropped back into our usual silence; but as we began to crawl up the long hill from Corbury Flats to the Starkfield ridge I became aware in the dusk that he had turned his face to mine.
I've got a right to ask any man, duke or dustman, what he wants in these flats," said the genial and gold-laced giant, "and I'll swear there's been nobody to ask since this gentleman went away.
And meanwhile, his flat was dark, as well as stuffy.
I was alone in the flat with this highly singular and rather terrible old man.
I've brought something to pawn here," and he drew out of his pocket an old-fashioned flat silver watch, on the back of which was engraved a globe; the chain was of steel.
In the embarrassing silence that followed this speech the fringe of pine wood nearest the flat was reached.
said he, glancing about him over the cold wet flat.
A man with a flat voice distinguished himself by a display of knowledge and cunning.
The body, legs and feet are of human shape but of monstrous proportions, the feet being fully three feet long and very flat and broad.
These things were crowded with utensils of all sorts: frying pans, sauce pans, kettles, forks, knives, basting and soup spoons, nutmeg graters, sifters, colanders, meat saws, flat irons, rolling pins and many other things of a like nature.
As I let my eyes roam over the scene I suddenly be-came aware of figures moving upon the flat top of a far-distant butte.
His face was broad and flat, and the eyebrows over-hung the eyes.