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Normally, the addition of the larger oculars, additional HD objectives, and additional Field Flattener Lenses, would make the instrument heavier.
The EL 42 uses new field flattener lenses to create a true image and super bright image resolution all the way to the very edge of the field of view without any edge distortion.
The renowned economist Kenneth Arrow is a knowledge flattener and man of the Left.
And so with Y2K bearing down on us," Friedman wrote in his book, "America and India started dating, and that relationship be came a huge flattener, because it demonstrated to so many different businesses that the combination of the PC, the Internet, and fiber-optic cable had created the possibility of a whole new form of collaboration and horizontal value creation: outsourcing.
In The World is Flat, Thomas Friedman cited the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, as Flattener No.
spuria are lengthener (~15 cm), flattener, green colored, and become greenish-yellow when they mature.
They include an ear flattener and a nose shaper, a cheque protector, music hall clacker to show disappointment at bad performances and a clockwork burglar alarm.
West started MAC in 1971 with partners Robert Flanagan and Norman Kramer, helping to introduce the concept of a mobile auto flattener to the scrap industry.
Phyllistine Flattener Cave, 6N-194 [31[degrees]32'54"S, 127[degrees]18' 40"E], Madura Station, under rocks, dark zone, 6 January 1997, N.
One particularly dangerous trend involves combining an energy drink such as Red Bull with Vodka, a drink notorious enough to be referred to as V-bomb, Friday Flattener, and Raging Bull.
But there's one beer flattener that may take the fizz out of this careful team-building.