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These flatteners bring challenges as well as opportunities.
full-length screws, 3,400 rpm pneumatic clamp tighteners, pneumatic panel flatteners and electric motor drives with the company's exclusive automatic rotation cycle.
But the fact this snippet of social history has come to light at all is testimony to the hard work and dedication of 50 volunteers in Lancashire, known as the Will Flatteners.
Full range of size reduction and sorting equipment, including mono-shear shredders, contra-shear shredders, horizontal-shaft hammermill shredders, twin roll crushers and can flatteners.
It's an odd grouping, though, and it's hard to tell if some of his flatteners are there because he really believes in them or merely because he thought his list needed 10 entries.
Remember if you feel you do need a little more help then some costumes come with shelf bras, under wires, tummy flatteners and the right geometric stripe can add length to shorter legs and take iches off the waist.
Robotic systems are capable of handling a wide variety of bag types and sizes and can be integrated with metal detectors, check weighers and bag flatteners.
As the century progressed, beauty became more about changing your appearance - ear and nose flatteners were popular.