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It must be noted that this flattening of the head has something in it of aristocratical significancy, like the crippling of the feet among the Chinese ladies of quality.
ExactFlat Online is a 3D to 2D flattening solution running entirely in the Cloud.
The new version incorporates improvements to the last import wizard, the introduction of style-line templates to speed up the creation of classic shoe designs, more flexibility in the modelling of heels, and the ability to create tuned flattening-parameter files based on existing lasts and production flattenings.
Natural body shaper, PS35, Natural body shaper, PS35, Debenhams Debenhams For a smooth finish, this body targets the stomach, flattening and shaping thethe stomach, flattening and shaping the waist and hips.
The inlet device is positioned within the annular passageway 180[degrees] opposite the outlet device such that sequential flattening of the air tube by the tire footprint effects pumping of air along the air passageway with the tire rotating in either a forward or reverse direction of rotation.
5 on the Richter scale struck Hormuzgan province on the Persian Gulf coast Thursday, killing one person, but flattening more than 800 homes, according to the Islamic Republic Housing Foundation.
A local official quoted in the Southern Metropolis Daily said: "The action of flattening the tombs for the second time is proceeding.
An inbuilt sling lifts and shapes the buttocks to give a pert appearance while the overall look lifts and shapes without flattening the natural curve.
But the new measurements show that the flattening is much smaller than expected.
Financial traders call this a flattening of the yield curve as the industrialized world central banks, led by the Federal Reserve, have kept short-term rates extraordinarily low.
Stomach Flattening Training Manual" is Doug Setter's guide to putting one's body through the lifestyle change it needs to change its life for the better.