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When considering whether a change in the conduct of policy is appropriate following a flattening of the Phillips curve, simply knowing that the Phillips curve has flattened is not sufficient, there needs to be a focus on the possible causes, Occhino says.
A Fed official has blamed the US central bank for flattening the yield curve.
"We started demolishing the structures this morning but bulldozers arrived and began flattening them.
(2) Even though our focus is on only two cohorts and two education groups, the flattening of life-cycle earnings profiles is a more pervasive phenomenon.
Therefore, these neutrons are produced as a result of the interaction with the photon beam and the material used for the construction of the collimators (primary and secondary), the jaws, the target where the electron beam makes impact, and the flattening filter that has direct interaction with the beam.
In addition to morphological observation in root cross sections, this study quantified the radial impact of compacted soil on root surface and vascular cylinder by measuring root roundness (R) and flattening (F) of vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides L.) seedlings.
I wonder if the flattening of that mountain has the proper permit and also if the activity will not cause a disaster in the area.
By flattening objects, users can get a clearer view of 3D models once a viewpoint is set.
Natural body shaper, PS35, Natural body shaper, PS35, Debenhams Debenhams For a smooth finish, this body targets the stomach, flattening and shaping thethe stomach, flattening and shaping the waist and hips.
The inlet device is positioned within the annular passageway 180[degrees] opposite the outlet device such that sequential flattening of the air tube by the tire footprint effects pumping of air along the air passageway with the tire rotating in either a forward or reverse direction of rotation.
Several reports have described that the twin formation is related to the flattening of the eggs, ((8)-(10)) but the degree of flattening has not been reported.