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In the middle of the bed under the blanket, was a wet flattened SOMETHING--much dinged in, in the middle where the pail had caught it
While the December 2017 contract is flat at 98.45 (1.55% implied 3-month yield, the highest level since April), the deferreds are 0.5-2.5 ticks lower on the near-dates, but 0.5-4.5 ticks higher on the far-dates, as the curve steepens in futures terms and flattens in yield terms in line with the pressure on the Treasury curve.
Figure 3(a) shows an enlarged image of the area where the target was placed (the area where the electron beam impacts) and the flattening filter (device that flattens the beam).
Firm control wear your own body, PS20, Next This control slip flattens tummies, slims the hips and shapes Will pull you in at the waist.
The remaining part of the slip and knicker is made with firm control fabric which slims and smoothes the thighs and flattens the tummy.
This shows a line from Berwick out into the North Sea which mysteriously flattens out.
A car detonates and your television flattens the aftermath, a car
However, if the change is not viewed as permanent, long-term rates do not rise as much and the yield curve flattens. Of course, another consequence of monetary tightening is a subsequent slowdown in economic activity, and the predictive result follows.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-6 October 2004-Ahlstrom Corporation flattens its operative organisation(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
The penetrating breaker roll decurl unit mechanically flattens the incoming web caused by roll set near the core.
In some circles, Andrews says, the magnetic field is tilted 10 degrees from the norm, which could create a forceful energy that flattens a crop.