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The laser has a more uniform, flatter power distribution over the beam, which the company says makes it more suitable for applications where a more "top hat" distribution is preferable rather than the lower order Gaussian mode for where wider mark tacks and large area fills are required.
4 : to make look more attractive <That dress flatters you.
WANTS A DRESS THAT Flatters her curvy hips and muscular thighs.
HUGHIE MORRISON believes his Cheltenham Festival disappointment Starzaan, whose best form has come on flatter courses, can stage a revival in Friday's John Smith's Mildmay Novices' Chase.
This results in significantly flatter surfaces plus high tensile strength.
While Miro seemed to be getting modernism right by becoming flatter and flatter, Dali got everything wrong by becoming deeper and deeper--and, even worse, seducing viewers with crowd-pleasing jabberwocky narrative and hyperrealist illusions, anathema to the religion of modernism.
Higher leg lines flatter the hips, and bodice details pull the eye upward.
Quality and productivity: Flatter express moisture profiles entering the dryer section reduces the total volume and zone-to-zone water application of downstream rewet actuators, and steam consumption is also reduced in the main dryer section.