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Zare's brother, Saydo, kicks them out, saying: "You are the flatterer of the government.
Yes": Flatterer, / little arbiter / of assent / and admission, you cross our lips / with a sycophantic lisp / that Eve heard first / from the mouth / of the trickster, / that maw of tongue / and jaw, of japery / and spleen, into which / she looked just once / perceiving nothing / of consequence.
In Theophrastus's portrait of the Flatterer, which has numerous Renaissance analogues, the Flatterer pulls loose threads from his patron's cloak and bends his eyes toward the patron even when his attention should be elsewhere: "He tells everybody else to keep quiet when you are speaking, too, and he praises you in your hearing, or if you stop talking for a moment he puts in a 'Well said
That statement makes the Mitsubishi Colt CZT a real flatterer because it seems to take the best from the rest and then adds its own individual style.
You should never underestimate the power and influence that a flatterer has on management.
Many monsters seek to lead him astray or devour him along his quest--the wicked Judge Hate-good, the giants of Doubting Castle, the diguesed and deceptive Flatterer, and even the Athiest strives to convince him that the Celestial City does not exist.
An outrageous flatterer of great men Garrick, Johnson, Walpole-she built up a supporters' club of the rich and famous.
How to Tell a Flatterer from a Friend" is the title of one of Plutarch's most famous Moralia, but the phrase could just as easily be the subtitle of Shakespeare's Othello.
Hence we also get, in Tadie's version, Proust the social climber, invert, insomniac, asthmatic, flatterer, Dreyfusard, and friend.
The ultimate reward for the flatterer was to be buried near the Great One's tomb, and thereby gain the chance to flatter him for eternity.
Even a flatterer has a day of reckoning and this gang has done a lot more than that.
He had a gift for the gab, was a flatterer and a charmer; temperamental, ups and downs of depression, bouts of self-pity, a terrific egoist.