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However, when it comes to native, you can wear long skirt like with a flattering top.
Darker denim is flattering, and a skirt with a high waist gives the illusion of a slimmer middle while lengthening legs.
Featuring ruching at the sides and a gathered effect at the tummy for a flattering finish, it offers padded cups and a self-tie.
A knit fabric is a great option for making pants for fuller legs, because the inherent fabric stretch allows you to tailor the leg to a closer, more flattering fit that's still comfortable.
"It's great having that speculation and it's very flattering.
Why she chose it: "It is a flattering design, stylish but with modern detail and a flattering neckline.
"It is always flattering. When I was a footballer and United wanted to buy me I was flattered," he said.
"It is flattering, other managers have come out and said nice things and I appreciate everybody's support really."
* Teal: a flattering colour for everyone Teal can look particularly striking if it's in the right shade for you and in a good fabric.
I want to start updating my wardrobe for spring but haven't quite shifted all my winter weight yet - what styles will be fresh but flattering?
1 : to get (someone) to think or act a certain way by flattering : coax <"You're such a good cook, you make dinner," she wheedled.>