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With fluid lines that suit her curves perfectly and dressed flatteringly in black, there is enough embellishment at the neckline to make this empire line dress a real winner.
They also have necklines that don't gape, higher underarm and backlines which hide visible scarring, adjustable straps for a perfect fit and empire waistlines that fall flatteringly around the tummy and hips.
A "kickshaw" is defined either in a neutral manner as "a bauble, trifle, or knick-nack" or more flatteringly as "a fancy tidbit; a delicacy.
And the loss of Paul Wellens and then, crucially, Michael Shenton ultimately proved decisive, as Leeds Rhinos overturned a 16-8 deficit with 16 minutes remaining to win, somewhat flatteringly, 32-16 following a thrilling second half.
I've heard that tourists from many countries spoke flatteringly of Kyrgyzstan," said Hebberecht.
I am, flatteringly, often the go-to-guy for these events, the possession of a British passport meaning that visa complications -- especially to Europe and the US -- do not affect fairly spontaneous travel.
Top-heavy figures: V-neck are perfect for masking larger chests as the neck line will flatteringly cut the area in half.
Admirable combination of soft tannins and flatteringly full fruit, garden herbs and leather on the palate with good acid and fine tannins, medium to long finish.
But the dress - short and sculptural, with a flatteringly fluid layer of satin draped over the steely inner elastane like the icing on a cupcake made such an impression that even supermodel Kate Moss couldn't stop herself from asking for one.
My wife is an excellent cook and Aeronwy had a flatteringly good appetite.
Exploring an interesting and universally associated aspect of ribbons -- that of the element of surprise -- like the joy of a newly received gift that awaits to be opened or of glamour undone such as a beautiful woman en dishabilleC*it unveils a seductive range of necklaces, centerpieces, earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets combining platinum and 750 gold settings, that sparkle with diamonds and feature its marvelous South Sea pearls flatteringly.
It would be difficult to find a composer who writes more flatteringly for the voice, or who weds music and text together so seamlessly and effortlessly.