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Ay, ay, vanity is truly the motive-power that moves humanity, and it is flattery that greases the wheels.
Dear little souls, they hate flattery, so they tell you; and when you say, "Ah, darling, it isn't flattery in your case, it's plain, sober truth; you really are, without exaggeration, the most beautiful, the most good, the most charming, the most divine, the most perfect human creature that ever trod this earth," they will smile a quiet, approving smile, and, leaning against your manly shoulder, murmur that you are a dear good fellow after all.
Those fine, sturdy John Bulls who "hate flattery, sir," "Never let anybody get over me by flattery," etc.
However, it was not all a bed of roses for des Lupeaulx; he flattered and advised his master, forced to flatter in order to advise, to advise while flattering, and disguise the advice under the flattery.
Her flattery had already subdued the pride of Lady Middleton, and made an entry into the close heart of Mrs.
She could not greatly influence her daughter-in-law against me, because, between that lady and herself there was a mutual dislike--chiefly shown by her in secret detractions and calumniations; by the other, in an excess of frigid formality in her demeanour; and no fawning flattery of the elder could thaw away the wall of ice which the younger interposed between them.
It may be a humiliating confession to make, yet it is surely true that we are all accessible to flattery.
Harmless words in themselves, pursuing the same smooth course of flattery as before--but with what a different result
South Korean President Moon Jae-in must keep a level head amid the celebratory mood of the Games and the rapidly unfolding campaign of flattery coming from Pyongyang.
The master pleaded guilty to entering an exclusion zone near the Turtle Group of Islands, 28km northwest of Cape Flattery, in November 2015.
Good performance, not flattery, will impress him, President Duterte said on Tuesday night.
Commenting on the changes in a trading update, CEO Brendan Flattery said: "Along with the board, the management and I are confident that the risk of similar issues with other suppliers is minimal.