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The match was likely to end in a draw even if there had been a full day's play and Ashley Giles, Lancashire's head coach, said: "That was the flattest wicket we have played on this year.
GuideU is the world's flattest and lightest floor path marking system and the first non-electrical system that can be contoured into virtually any shape, benefiting aircraft manufacturers, customers and interior designers alike.
The reason behind its huge draw was simple: L'Ecole Des Fans was a game show with arguably the flattest, widest podium ever: its slogan was 'tout le monde gagne' -- everyone wins.
Yet Ulloa's 89th-minute winner, following one ofLeicester's flattest performances of their surreal season, demonstrated to him that his side has the patient, determined make-up of champions.
Despite producing one of their flattest performances of their surreal season, Ulloa's 89th-minute contribution, sliding in to knock home Marc Albrighton's cross, was decisive.
It's the flattest we've played for four or five weeks.
I realise Newmarket has uphill gallops, but we're looking for the flattest workplan we can find because that's what he's used to.
TEN New Marske Harriers competed in the Greater Manchester Marathon, billed as the flattest, fastest and friendliest event of its kind in the UK.
Davies had said after reaching his hundred on Sunday evening that the Surrey plan was to build scoreboard pressure and attempt to bowl out Glamorgan twice on the flattest of decks.
Vocho (Yellow), 2004, Margarita Cabrera's stitched rendition of the once-ubiquitous Volkswagen Bug--for which the artist refashioned in vinyl those parts made in Mexico--weds the logic of Claes Olden burg's soft sculptures to global politics, while works by Josephine Meckseper and Rachel Harrison explore the parataxis of product display and Arnie Siegel's montage of YouTube Sinatra wannabes singing "My Way" (My Way 2, 2009) pursues the echo of Warhol's celebrity culture to its final, flattest frontier.
Promising to be "one of the flattest, fastest triathlons on the calendar", the Staffordshire challenge will be the second Ironman triathlon in the UK and will be a world championship qualifying event.
2mm difference between K readings), the lens should be fitted on the flattest K reading.