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Flatulence, bloating, stomach cramps, alternating diarrhoea and constipation.
However, many may avoid pulses or limit their intake due to the commonly held view that pulse consumption is associated with flatulence, abdominal discomfort, and other undesirable gastrointestinal effects.
Few scientists at the University of Exeter have developed a new compound - AP39, using hydrogen sulfide, present in rotten eggs and flatulence.
Usually, intestinal flatulence is diet-related, but it may also be found with any condition causing diarrhoea.
Eproctophiles are said to spend an abnormal amount of time thinking about farting and flatulence and have recurring intense sexual urges and fantasies involving farting and flatulence.
Q I suffer from bile acid malabsorption and take cholestagel tablets for it, but have terrible flatulence.
Jumada II 16, 1433, May 7, 2012, SPA -- Dinosaurs may have caused climate change through their flatulence, releasing enough methane to warm the climate millions of years ago, UPI quoted British researchers as saying.
ADOLF Hitler was a cocaine addict who suffered from flatulence and was injected with bull's semen to rev up his sex life, according to personal medical records.
Later, Barkley wrote: "With regards to my comments re flatulence in the ward - we play rugby.
calls for tax on livestock emissions: Livestock should be taxed to reduce the contribution made by their flatulence to greenhouse gas emissions, the United Nations says in a new report.
The legislation passed (hold your breath) is one that appropriates $5 million to study the effects on the ozone layer from flatulence in cows.