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Methane gas released by flatulent cattle is actually one of the most damaging sources of greenhouse gases.
To help their cause, insurance companies even paid for a bunch of commercials that promised if the Democratic version of the bill passed, most normal Americans would lose their jobs, be thrown out on the street, and be eaten by mangy, flatulent wolves.
Wang presents an amusing handful of main characters, chief among whom is the obese, mercilessly flatulent English teacher Dong Siwen.
Highlights of a career known for outrageousness include having his all-too-aptly-named roving correspondent Stuttering John Melendez ask Gennifer Flowers whether Bill Clinton practiced safe sex, appearing at the MTV Music Awards as the flatulent superhero "Fartman" (and managing to disgust a rock-and-roll crowd that prides itself on its own impiety), and hosting the cable-televised Miss Howard Stern Beauty Pageant, a dead-on parody of beauty contests featuring a "talent" segment in which semi-nude contestants ate live bugs, impersonated Al Pacino, and performed "breast-puppet theater" (don't ask).
In this essay, even in the anecdotes spotlighting ridiculous Europeans, Indian men appear only as flatulent buffoons mystified by European technology, and Indian women appear only as scantily-clad nymphomaniacs.
The likelihood is that Delaney will linger on the books, a flatulent old poodle of a law occasionally distressing, usually ignored, but something no one has the stomach to get rid of.
Famous Farts in History - Historic speeches with surprise pauses for flatulent farces
Though lacking subtlety and sophistication - it includes a herd of flatulent reindeer - the film compensates with heartwarming sentiment and an abundance of wholesome cheer.
Be prepared to investigate flatulent cow gas, flame throwing using custard powder and biofuel rockets on an exciting interactive adventure exploring the science behind the food that we eat
His friend, who luckily lacks a sense of smell, invents a pair of special pants that help the flatulent youngster achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut.
From a flatulent hotel guest to Firth's endless humiliations, it is very, very funny.
How To Use Fart O Gram Sending a flatulent phone call with Fart O Gram is as easy as 1-2-3!