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There is a lot of flaunting happening - not at the very top but at the next level," says K.
While the snap emanated the great bond that 'The Train' star shares with her mother, the photo has been making the rounds for a visible baby bump the actress is flaunting.
Female personnel dressed in black suits and flaunting black sunglasses these were members of the special security squad charged with a responsibility of maintaining discipline in the PPP rally at BagheJinnah, Karachi.
So is it really worth flaunting such kind of numbers?
The photographer finds the rich are eager to pose, flaunting their possessions though reticent on revealing the source of their wealth, while she must coax the poor who are embarrassed.
Summary: A number of Olympic athletes have been flaunting nail art of their national flag in a beauty trend sweeping the 2012 Games.
But now sexy Nadia's motto is, 'If you've got it, flaunt it' and, boys, she's thinking of flaunting it all.
In Flaunting, Bailey offers some intriguing insights into English Renaissance society by tweaking definitions for terms frequently encountered in Renaissance studies.
But if you don't fancy flaunting your smalls to the world at least work them to best effect under your clothing.
The brightest comet in 4 decades is flaunting its dusty tail over southern skies, as this Jan.
Glamour editor Jo Elvin said: "We've seen a newer, softer-looking Kylie emerge this year - she's still sexy but she's not flaunting that side of herself in gold hotpants any more.
If flaunting meant being a stay-at-home mom married to her doctor husband and going to synagogue together, then yes, she was flaunting her dormant lesbianism.