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As far as the camera configuration goes, the smartphone flaunts a 13 MP Sony IMX214 sensor as the rear-facing unit with LED flash.
The fiance of cricketer Shane Warne looks flawless as she flaunts her fabulous figure in the teasing images.
Culled from two shows in Seattle and Sydney, Live flaunts Hawkins's gruff yet strong voice, an instrument highly evocative of another bisexual talent: Janis Joplin.
Britney Spears flaunts her butt (Rock Bodies butt move: leg kick-back) -- Jewel flaunts her thighs (Rock Bodies thigh move: chair pose) -- Ashanti and Shania Twain flaunt their abs (Rock Bodies abs move: knee plank) -- Gwen Stefani flaunts her shoulders (Rock Bodies shoulder move: lateral raise) -- Alicia Keys flaunts her chest (Rock Bodies chest move: jab)
Madonna's best-kissing buddy flaunts her sex appeal on this blip-hopping, strobe-pulsing set made for the dance floor.
Among his haters, he's an overrated director, who self-servingly invokes the "race card" and flaunts his Knicks season tickets.
The Writer's Guide gives this example: "Youth flaunts its belief in immortality by flouting the speed limit.
cannily evoked in the way Mouchette flaunts her fate even as she questions it ("How can I write this since I'm dead?
Their handiwork flaunts an uncommon facility with Euclidean geometry and signals an astonishing ability to enter fields undetected, to bend living plants without cracking stalks, and to trace out complex, precise patterns, presumably using little more than pegs and ropes, all under cover of darkness.
A must-see for the season includes the sublimated board short "Mineral" that flaunts a four color process freehand piece of art that ties into the t-shirt.
RING FOR ZA TAXI She flaunts gem CHARM AND JA LEG Keira wraps herself around James in the early hours yesterday
Sydney, May 20 ( ANI ): Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is an earnest and unassuming young developer who never makes others feel small or flaunts his success, people who have been working with him have said.