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Mr Flavin told the court last month: "I crossed the road carefully as there was a low sun.
After the relationship broke down in March 2016, and Ms Flavin had moved out, Jones made numerous calls demanding her to "come home".
Whereas, I did not hit (the ball) out of the infield and have a World Series ring,'' Flavin said.
In 1969, provoked by writings of the Minimalists featured in Studio International, I railed with youthful audacity in a letter to the editor, the genially brilliant Peter Townsend (1919-2006), against the 'up-tightness' of the emergent movement, and Dan Flavin for a too hearty self-presentation.
When questioned about the video, Flavin insisted that everyone must have heard wrong, adding that her husband is a good guy.
In speaking of his work, Flavin would soon come to subordinate the nature of the medium to the imperatives of form; following suit, Minimalism's interpretive literature has made little room for the salience of the medium's fetishistic allure.
The Dan Flavin Art Institute is hidden away in Bridgehampton, Long Island, in an inconspicuous house whose street address is unlisted on the Dia Foundation's website; it was designed by the artist in 1983 in a building previously used as firehouse and church.
Flavin also doesn't hesitate in criticising Infor's competitors, saying he believes people choose them because they are a well-known name, rather than the quality they offer.
For those companies that are not sure they want to commit, Michael Flavin offers a complete line of Skyline rental exhibits.
Flavin and Bartolucci were among several groups of competitors to visit Cardiff primaries in conjunction with the city council.
Mr Flavin said: "I think that the Government has to react over this.
Their children and their spouses are Cindy Stults and Earl Harris of Eugene, Cheryl Flavin and Larry Myers of Cheshire and Bryan and Pat Flavin of Gold Beach.