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H2PRO[TM] Bone & Joint Health is a line extension joining the H2PRO[TM] Immune Health formula (available flavorless or flavored with Acai Berry).
And the taste of the first lab burger isn't likely to win many converts: The few who sampled it, including a Chicago food writer, described it as a bit dry and flavorless.
From a Chile-Lime Shrimp Stir-Fry to a Chana Masala stew dish, this shows that gluten-free need not be flavorless fare - nor complicated.
For people with congenital anosmia, who cannot detect odors, the most fragrant flower and the most feculent spoor come across as the same flavorless nasal static.
Looking to put its best OgreenO foot forward, Fairmont Beijing also took a progressive stance when it became FairmontOs first hotel in China to remove shark fin, an ingredient that is mostly flavorless but has deep cultural and traditional significance, from its menus.
And along those lines, "Protein shakes have come a long way" since the days of chalky, flavorless glop, Willis says,
In "No Love," though, the gaps are more modest, like sutures pulling the seam of the song tighter, exaggerating the jittery staccato of Eminem's verse Now here's the weird and fascinating part: those gaps are actually more compelling than the profanity itself, which--let's face it--is pretty dull and flavorless beside the verbal feats Eminem is capable of, his riff on "corridor," "coroner" and "corner" in "3AM" being my personal favorite.
You may have already discovered that supermarket peaches are often hard and flavorless.
From Boulder's perspective, the answer to today's consumer interest in 'better for you" products isn't to develop a bland, flavorless potato chip, but to create a new twist to an all-time favorite," said Steve Sklar, senior vice president of marketing for Boulder Canyon.
ACNs are odorless and nearly flavorless, and contribute to taste as a moderately stringent sensation.
The researchers performed brain scans to view blood flow to the dorsal striatum, showing brain activity, as the girls and women drank a chocolate milkshake or a flavorless liquid.