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Evil Geniuses cannot comprehend that their Evil Plans might be flawed, nor can they entertain the possibility of a fatal weakness in their own abilities.
First, Congress and the White House have peeked into the abyss; they know they're on the brink of creating an immensely complex and flawed testing system.
Flawed, on the other hand, goes his "fair weather" way against wellselected foes known to be less fast of foot, and nowhere near as quick of hand, and often of less reach in arms.
However, the surgeon in question rejects the data as flawed because it challenges what he "knows" to be true.
The problem is not flawed construction,'' Temple Beaudry Partners said Tuesday in a prepared statement.
team announced that it had discovered a flawed gene that may be responsible for iron overload.
The firms were required to undertake substantial corrective measures to improve their quality of practice and eliminate the deficiencies in the flawed engagements.
In a typical product-liability lawsuit, a plaintiff seeks to prove that a product legally put into the stream of commerce was in some way defective, that it was flawed at the point of production and made its way to an innocent consumer who was harmed by that flaw.
Although the normal function of the ectodermal dysplasia gene is unknown, she says, its effects when flawed imply that the gene is also "part of some basic developmental regulatory mechanism.
2) no caption (Book cover - FLAWED GIANT: LYNDON JOHNSON AND HIS TIMES 1961-1973)