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Therefore, I will study and propose legislation to correct that flawed system on electoral protests,' he said.
Outlines regarding effective item-writing have been documented; however manipulations of these principles are very common in medical education with resultant flawed item questions.
If those trends are muddled by lack of reporting or by flawed reports, it can cost the Army dollars, time, and resources.
Were the poems of these writers technically flawed in some "obvious way?
Instead of assuming that behavior and thinking are inherently flawed, they see errors as arising out of adaptive ways of interacting with the world.
But it's important to understand that these villains can't be defeated using their own methods because each method is inherently flawed and is an irremovable component of what makes these actors villains in the first place.
Flawed though it is sometimes, we could not survive, much less excel, without it.
The message is sent through both fat characters who are two-dimensionally flawed, and fat characters who are complex but lose weight as they gain maturity.
Some recent research indicated the conventional interviewing process is seriously flawed.
But independent testing experts who had read the plan's fine print pointed out that the new plan was no less flawed than the original.
I'll tell anyone on Earth, anyone who will listen, that (the measure) is fundamentally flawed,'' said Charles Lombardo, a Burbank commissioner on the airport's governing body and one of the initiative's most outspoken critics.